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Fabulous Fabrics

One of the most innovative and interesting developments within the fashion industry over the last century is undoubtedly the wide range of fabrics that are now utilized for tuxedos and suits. While the type of fabric might seem like it does not make a very big deal, we are sure that after this post you will never think of fabric the same way again. 

Why Material Matters

Before we get into the different types of fabric and materials used for suits and tuxedos, we should quickly mention why the type of fabric is so important. Overall, the two things to keep in mind when it comes to suit fabrics are price and durability.

As with most things, a higher price does not always mean a better product. In the case of suit fabrics, price will typically be higher for suits made of either fabrics that have longer durability, or fabrics that are less common. Along with this, the difficulty of constructing a suit depending on the fabric will also factor into the cost. Ultimately, depending on your budget, certain materials will last longer than others and be more appropriate depending on the occasion. 


Fabric Types


  • Polyester: Obviously it’s easiest to begin with one of the most commonly used materials for men’s formal wear. The main reason polyester is such a popular material for suits and tuxedos is because it is cheap, lightweight, and easily combined with other synthetic materials.
  • Wool: Like polyester, wool is one of the most common types of fabric that is used for men’s formal attire. Overall, wool is used so frequently due to characteristics such as being breathable, as well as having decent wrinkle and water resistance. Along with this, wool has been used for so long because it is so versatile for how cheaply it can be produced, providing warmth in the cold season and ventilation for the dry heat.
  • Tweed: Tweed is a type of wool that recently began to make a resurgence in the fashion world. Like wool, tweed will keep you warm, and along with its typical brown color, is perfect for autumn and winter. If you want to step up your fashion game, tweed is the perfect suit to get you started.
  • Cotton: One of the most common types of fabric that you will find for any type of clothing, cotton suits are typically less common than wool suits, but popular nonetheless. These suits are also usually less expensive than wool suits, but tend to wrinkle more easily and won’t last as long. Overall, cotton suits will be better suited for indoor environments, like offices and weddings.
  • Linen: Perfect for summertime, linen is typically used to produce more casual, light-weight suits. One of the longest used materials to produce fabric, linen was also extremely common in ancient civilizations. Like cotton, linen is produced from plants, and thus is also vegan friendly. Altogether, while you might find some linen suits that can be pricey, it is a good piece to have for those summer days when you still need that dash of a formal look.


  • Other: More unique fabrics, such as Corduroy, Cashmere, Silk, and Velvet, are typically harder to find, more expensive, and harder to care for. Despite this, suits made with these fabrics are also usually high quality and more luxurious. Fabrics like silk and velvet are often used for tuxedos and provide good ventilation, making them perfect for those high-end, indoor formal events where you want a little more class. On the other hand, suit jackets made with corduroy are typically warmer and less formal, making them perfect for times where comfort is king. 



While this list is of course not exhaustive, hopefully it provides a quick sneak-peek into the vast world of fabrics and materials utilized for men’s suits and tuxedos. 

Hope you enjoyed this short introduction to the different fabric materials you will find when looking for a suit or tuxedo! Next time we will go through the different patterns and jacket styles you will find with each fabric type. Thanks for reading!