Quinceañera Tasty Traditions

Obviously, the center of attention at any Quinceañera celebration will always be the birthday girl, as she gathers with her family and friends to mark her transition into maturity and womanhood. With a beautifully extravagant dress, and a smile that lights up the room, the birthday girl at a Quinceañera is of course the star of the night.

Despite this, one of the most recognizable, and delicious, traditions associated with Quinceañera celebrations is of course the traditional Latin American inspired cuisine. Ranging from amazing collections of various appetizers and snacks, to full blown chocolate fountains and incredibly rich, roasted meat, the food you will find at a Quinceañera will without a doubt be delicious and one-of-a-kind.



Combining the diversity found across culinary traditions from different Latin American regions, the food at Quinceañeras is not only meant to be delicious and plentiful, it is also meant to represent the long Latin American history that has molded the celebration. In fact, as the Quinceañera has traditionally represented a young girl’s transition into womanhood, an important custom was to learn the recipes of her family and heritage. While this might not be taken so strictly today, the culinary traditions of the Latin American culture still represent an incredibly important aspect of a Quinceañera. 

With all that in mind, we here at Tuxedo Wearhouse would like to share some of our favorite traditional Quinceañera dishes and recipes!


Appetizers and Entrees


  • Empanadas: A Latin American classic, made with puff pastry and a filling that typically consists of meat, cheese, corn, and spices, Empanadas are perfect appetizers for a Quinceañera. Along with this, while a standard Empanada recipe has many of the same elements, one of the reasons this delicious appetizer is so unique is due to the interesting regional differences you will find across Latin America. From the way in which the dough is prepared, to the fillings incorporating both savory and sweet flavors, the unique Empanada variations that you will find depending on the specific region or culture in which they originate make them perfect for Quinceañeras.


  • Barbacoa: Referring to a style of cooking originating in Mexico, as well as where the word “barbecue” comes from, Barbacoa is shredded meat that has been slow-cooked. Even though many people in the United State tend to use parts of the beef’s head, such as the cheek, more traditional recipes will typically incorporate goat or lamb meat. Furthermore, while the meat is definitely good enough to enjoy on its own, the most common way you will see Barbacoa prepared is with corn tortillas, salsa, diced onion, and cilantro.


  • Pernil: Slow-roasted to perfection, this classic Latin American pork dish is incredibly tender and basically falls off the bone. Using either the pork leg or pork shoulder, this dish is typically marinated the whole day prior to the celebration, giving it more than enough time to soak in all of the delicious traditional Latin American spices. The marinade commonly includes basic spices such as salt, pepper and oregano, as well as more complex spice mixes like adobo and sofrito. Once it is ready, it is roasted in the oven for several hours, and then at a higher temp near the end in order to get a perfect crispy skin. Altogether, this Latin American dish is juicy, tender, and delicious, which is why its so popular for celebrations like a Quinceañera.



While the cake might be the star of the dessert show, Quinceañeras typically also have large arrays of varying types of desserts to be enjoyed as well. Some of our favorites include:

  • Arroz con leche, or more commonly known as rice pudding, is typically made with cinnamon, sugar, milk and rice, making it simple but delicious
  • Pan de Polvo, or mexican shortbread cookies, are a common staple of Quinceañeras
  • Of course common desserts such as cookies, brownies, donuts, and cupcakes always make an appearance at these kinds of celebrations
  • More extravagant selections such as chocolate fountains and caramel apples have slowly been becoming more popular as well


The Quinceañera Cake

While every birthday celebration typically has a cake, it is often much more grandiose and special at a Quinceañera. Oftentimes resembling a wedding cake, Quinceañera cakes usually feature multiple elegantly decorated tiers, as well as miniature figures representing the birthday girl and sometimes family and friends. Color schemes typically match that of the Quinceañera itself and the dress of the birthday girl, which commonly include colors like pink, red, and light blue.

Of course as Latin American culture has spread to other parts of the world, many traditions began to mix with new cultures and produced variations of the Quinceañera customs, including the cake. Some of these changes include different cake flavors, colors, and even type of pastry used. Regardless of how the cake is made, it remains one of the food focal points at Quinceañeras.




Hungry yet? We know we are. 


Altogether, the food at a Quinceañera is one of the main pillars of the traditional celebration. Representing the culture and traditions of Latin America, the delicious food you will find at a Quinceañera is not simply meant to satisfy your hunger; instead, it is meant to celebrate the rich culinary traditions of the Latin American regions and cultures in which Quinceañeras originate. 

At Tuxedo Wearhouse, we want to help make sure you enjoy your time at a Quinceañera. Come to Tuxedo Wearhouse today and we will help make sure you have the perfect tuxedo or suit for the occasion!