Summer Groom’s Guide: Unique Wedding Themes and Tuxedo Inspirations

For a groom, choosing the tuxedo for your summer wedding is an important task. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach ceremony, a countryside affair, or a lively tropical celebration, this guide offers you various wedding themes and tuxedo ideas to make shine on your big day.

Beachside Elegance

Imagine yourself  embracing the laid back atmosphere of a beach wedding with natural materials and breezy vibes. Picture beaches, crashing waves, and breathtaking sunsets as the backdrop to your vows.

For this kind of setting, opt for fabrics like linen or cotton in shades of ivory, light gray, or cornflower blue to stay cool in the summer heat. Consider a relaxed yet stylish ensemble with a suit paired with a white shirt and either a linen bow tie or a floral boutonniere for that touch of beachside inspiration.

Rustic Charm

Think of the allure and natural beauty of the countryside, with a wedding surrounded by rolling hills, blooming fields and charming barns.

These rustic weddings bring out a simple and classic charm. For a rustic inspired grooms look, consider wearing a tweed or textured wool suit in shades like brown, tan, or  heather. Accessorize with leather suspenders, a bow tie, and sturdy boots to match perfectly the rustic atmosphere.


If you’re aiming for a paradise theme for your wedding, picture palm trees swaying in the wind, clear blue waters shimmering in the sun, and blooms decorating every corner.

To start preparing for this setting, start by choosing a suit in colors such as teal, coral, or tropical green. Add details like a white shirt and colorful accessories for a festive look that embodies the spirit of your exotic celebration.

Choosing your summer  tuxedo is crucial in setting the tone for your wedding. If you’re getting ready to say “I do” in settings like a beach, a charming countryside, or a lively tropical destination, then feel free to use these tuxedo ideas. When you find the tuxedo at Tuxedo Wearhouse, you’ll be all set to start this journey feeling confident and stylish.