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Wedding Attire

Whether you are the bride and groom, or simply an invited guest, as far as special occasions go, a wedding is still regarded as one of the most important and enjoyable events in which appropriate formal attire is essential. Along with making sure not to arrive to a wedding wearing something that is inappropriate for the desired formality, exploring different styles of tuxedos and suits that fit you best and represent your unique fashion sense can really make you stand out and be recognized. While the bride and groom will have their own personal visions for their wedding dress code, it is just as important as an invited guest to arrive in an outfit that not only conforms to the requested dress code, but also one that you can be proud to wear. 


The main factors that will determine what kind of tuxedo or suit should be worn to a wedding typically includes specific attributes surrounding the circumstances and setting of the wedding.  Of course, first and foremost to be considered should always be any specific requests or suggestions that the bride and groom have. However, in particular, the wedding’s location and overall setting (ex: time of day, weather, etc.), requested degree of formality, potential theme, and your own personal preferences will all usually be important to consider.  With this in mind, this brief guide will go over how one should address each one of these factors when searching for an outfit for a wedding. 


Location and Setting


Even though many wedding invitations will make clear the type of dress code they desire, it’s always smart to factor in the overall location and setting of the wedding in which one is attending. Specifically, this should include certain things like the time of day and weather. Obviously, these factors will ultimately influence the type of material you want your tuxedo or suit to be, as well as whether you will need a jacket or umbrella. Along with this, many wedding dates are specifically determined based on the season, which can oftentimes mean that certain colors associated with the season can be incorporated into your outfit. Luckily, these potential seasonal attributes can allow for plenty of personalization. For example, jackets and scarves can be wonderful accessories for weddings taking place during the colder time of the year, while creative tie and pocket square combinations let you capitalize on the colors of the warmer seasons.   


Potential Degrees of Formality and Proper Attire

  • Black Tie: Consists of Classic Tuxedo (black jacket and trousers, white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes). Even with this traditional design, there is a lot of room for different designs and materials, providing the chance to enhance this classic look.
  • Black Tie Optional: Either the above design, or an outfit consisting of a typical dark colored suit, neck or bow tie, neutral colored shirt, etc.
  • Cocktail Attire: Typically this means that a traditional tuxedo is not required. Instead, aim more for a suit and tie, even a sport coat if desired. In regards to color, follow the seasonal apparel, which usually means darker colors in the colder months and lighter colors during the sunny seasons. 
  • Casual Attire: While casual attire does technically include pretty much everything, weddings are still special occasions. Thus, unless specifically noted, avoid too casual of attire like t-shirts and shorts. For a more polished look, while still remaining casual, aim for nice dress pants and a button up shirt. Remember, it’s typically better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed for a special event like a wedding. 


Overall, regardless of the weather and requested dress code, personal style and preference remains one of the most important factors in deciding what suit or tuxedo to wear for a wedding. Since we here at Tuxedo Wearhouse understand that picking out a suit or tuxedo can at times be hard, we promise to help guide you smoothly through the process so that you will find something comfortable that looks good too. Come by Tuxedo Wearhouse today and find a suit or tuxedo you are proud to wear.