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New Year, New Style: Tuxedo Trends for 2024

As we enter the year 2024, it is crucial to consider the trends in tuxedos. The world of tuxedo fashion is embracing a blend of timeless sophistication and modern twists. Let’s assist you in discovering the tuxedo trends for this year ensuring that you make a stylish impression at your upcoming formal event.

1. Lapels

This year’s focus revolves around lapels. The classic notch lapel remains a popular choice for formal to casual events. If you desire a touch of elegance and sharpness, the peak lapel has a traditional appearance that makes a strong fashion statement. On the other hand, the shawl lapel offers a fancier and more sophisticated look that will never go out of trend.

2. Tuxedo Shirt Styles

While white continues to be the color for tuxedo shirts, it’s the details that truly set them apart. Collar choices range from the wingtip collar for pairing with bow ties to the more relaxed spread collar option. Cuffs can be found in either barrel style or in formal French cuffs that require cufflinks.

3. Tuxedo Pants

2024s tuxedo pants are all about a perfect fit. Opt for the elegance of black suit pants with satin leg stripes and a waistband. Remember, tuxedo pants don’t have belt loops so getting the right fit is crucial. For a nice added touch consider trying out clip-on suspenders to elevate your look.

4. Color Trends

When it comes to colors, dark shades continue to be the most favorable choice in the world of tuxedos this year. Black, blue, and navy are still great choices. Natural tones like tan and green are also gaining attention. These earthy tones provide an alternative to the black tuxedo.

5. Jackets and Pants

Velvet and wool are the most popular material for tuxedo jackets this year with their pants usually made from matching fabric. The trend leans towards more fitted pants continuing from recent years. When it comes to jackets you can opt for the black tuxedo jacket. Get creative, with patterns and textures to add your own personal touch.

6. Accessorizing

When it comes to adding style to your attire, there is no debate that bow ties and neckties will always be a trendy addition. While silk remains a choice for materials you can also experiment with velvet, flannel, and wool. To add a more personal touch, adding studs and cufflinks to your shirt is not only fashionable but also still trendy. Consider unique colors for your studs and cufflinks to add a more distinctive look.

To sum up the tuxedo trends in 2024, combine traditional fashion with modern twists. Whether you prefer a tuxedo or want to explore bolder colors and patterns, the key is to find a style that reflects your individuality while still embracing the timeless elegance of tuxedo fashion. Visit us at our Tuxedo Wearhouse locations and discover your tuxedo style for this year.

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