Prom Night Checklist: Everything You Need Before the Big Dance

Prom night holds a special place in high school memories that create long lasting impressions. To make sure you’re all set for this occasion, Tuxedo Wearhouse has put together a checklist that covers everything from finding the tuxedo to those touches that add magic to the night.

1.        Choosing the Right Tuxedo: Your attire for the evening is important. Opt for a fitted tuxedo that complements your dates outfit. Tuxedo Wearhouse offers a range of styles and fits to match your preferences. From traditional black tuxedos to modern burgundy tuxedos, you can be confident that we’ll have what you’re looking for.

2.        Picking Out Accessories: Accessories can enhance your attire. Consider cufflinks, a bow tie or necktie, a pocket square, and nice dress shoes. Remember, each accessory should be carefully chosen and should complement the rest of your items. We offer consultations at Tuxedo Wearhouse to advise you on your outfit.

3.        Organizing Transportation: Whether it’s booking a limo or coordinating rides with friends, make sure you have transportation arranged for getting to and from prom safely.

4.        Planning Photo Moments: Plan where and when you’ll capture those prom photos. Whether it’s with a photographer or a family member, ensure you document these cherished memories with a camera.

5.        Dining Arrangements: If dinner is part of your prom night plans, make early reservations to secure a table at your restaurant.

6.        Corsage and Boutonniere: Don’t forget to order a corsage for your date and a matching boutonnière for yourself. This is a sweet gesture.

7.        After-Prom Activities: Plan for dance activities whether it’s an official school function or a casual hangout with friends.

8.        Emergency Kit: Pack an emergency kit with essentials like cash, phone charger, breath mints and any other items you might need during the night.

9.        Prom Tickets: Make sure you have your prom tickets in advance. It’s a detail that can easily slip your mind.

10.   Relax and Enjoy: Above all remember to relax and have a great time. Prom is meant to be enjoyed. Savor every moment.

By checking off each item on this list you’re preparing yourself for a wonderful prom experience. For the tuxedo or suit, Tuxedo Wearhouse has got you covered with the styles to help you look and feel your best on prom night.

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