Summer Wedding Styles: Tuxedos That Beat the Heat!

With summer weddings on the horizon, it’s essential to choose a tuxedo that strikes the balance between style and comfort in the weather. Tuxedo Wearhouse has put together a selection of tuxedos tailored for summer ensuring you stay looking sharp without feeling the heat.

1. Breathable Fabrics: Opt for fabrics like wool, linen or cotton blends that keep you cool and comfortable in conditions.

2. Lighter Shades: Choose colors such as grays, tans or pastels that reflect heat of absorbing it for outdoor or daytime ceremonies.

3. Sleek Fit: Consider slim tuxedos for a more refined look that reduces excess fabric and allows for better airflow.

4. Casual Option: For a laid back summer wedding, don’t  be afraid to ditch the jacket. Go for a fitted vest with a tie combo or even a stylish band collar shirt.

5. Stylish Accessories: Complete your outfit with silk ties, dress shirts and maybe add a Panama hat for extra flair and sun protection.

Summer weddings are about celebrating love, in comfort and style. Tuxedo Wearhouse offers an array of choices to keep you cool while exuding sophistication. Come to our shop. Discover the summer wedding outfit that allows you to fully savor the celebrations without being bothered by the heat.

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