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Tuxedo Wearhouse Prom Style Guide

It’s almost time for prom, which means it’s also time to start putting together your outfit. There’s no need to be anxious about it though! We’ve got style tips and solutions to help you feel as good as you look.

Getting dressed for prom should be fun, not stressful. You can be sure your date will be pleased with your look if you keep this simple style tip in mind:

“Keep it timeless and tasteful.”

You want to look your best — like a young man who is in charge of his style; not like a kid who’s wearing his uncle’s old tuxedo. You’re bound to be bombarded by tacky choices, but save the novelty items for a costume party. You definitely don’t want to embarrass your date by showing up in jeans and sneakers either. Be respectful of your date. She has likely spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect outfit for the occasion. Be someone your date will be proud to be seen with.

Your prom will probably not be the last formal occasion you have to dress for. If you commit these dress code basics to memory, you’re sure to be on the “best-dressed list” for many occasions to come.

Most prom dress codes are either “black tie” or “black tie optional.”

Black Tie Dress Code = Semi-formal

If your prom invitation says “black tie” or “semi-formal” dress code, that means you should wear a tuxedo jacket and trousers. This is actually the easiest and simplest dress code there is! It’s a very classic way to dress and should cause no stress. When you come to Tuxedo Wearhouse, let our staff know that you are looking for black tie attire and that you want to look sharp and classic. Black Tie attire includes the following components:

  1. The Jacket — A tuxedo-style jacket in plain black with either peaked lapels or a shawl collar, made of black satin or the same material as the jacket. Satin lapels are more formal and look dressier. If you plan on wearing a boutonnière, there’s a place on the jacket just for that.
  2. The Trousers — Matching black in the same material as the jacket, with a stripe of satin down the outside of each trouser leg. There are no belt loops on tuxedo trousers because you’re expected to wear suspenders to hold them up.
  1. The Shirt — Plain white with stiff vertical pleats in the center where the sides join. There will be buttonholes on both sides, which are used with studs rather than sewn-on buttons. The cuffs are usually fastened by cufflinks. Shirt studs and cufflinks are like jewelry for guys and they’re an excellent way to show your personal style.
  2. The Tie — A plain black bow tie is the most classic choice. Want to really impress your date? Learn how to tie one yourself instead of using a clip-on. It’s about as easy as tying your shoes and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube or Wikipedia to help you out. If a bowtie is not your style, don’t sweat it! Long ties and skinny ties are excellent choices too and they still fit within the “black tie” dress code.
  3. The Shoes — Black patent leather dress shoes are the traditional choice for footwear.
  4. Accessories — You can wear either a vest or a cummerbund, but not both. Again, black is the most traditional and classic option, but if you want to add a pop of color, or match your date, we’ve got tons of colorful accessories to help you do just that.

If this sounds a little too boring to you, keep in mind that a simple black outfit brings out everything that goes with it. A single flower or bold bow tie suddenly become a fashion statement. Most importantly, you look like you’re wearing a sharp outfit, not as if the outfit is wearing you, and the attention is on you and your date.

Of course, for those who prefer bolder fashion, you could adopt a “Creative Black Tie” approach. We see this a lot on the red carpet at awards shows. Creative Black Tie incorporates a pop of color in the jacket, and we’ve got the most popular colors for you to choose from: navy, charcoal, and burgundy just to name a few!

Black Tie Optional Dress Code = Dark Suit

Unless your school specifies black tie or semi-formal dress code for prom, it’s safe to assume that the dress code is Black Tie Optional. That means, instead of wearing a tuxedo, you can wear a plain, dark suit with a white shirt, and a colored tie. Just remember to exercise restraint — you’ll look better in a simple, dark suit (black, navy, or charcoal), rather than one with wild colors or crazy patterns.

No matter what the dress code is, FIT is the most important part of looking great. Slim fit suits and tuxedos are very popular and can make a great style statement. Allow our award-winning tailors to fit your prom suit or prom tuxedo rental to your body so you’re sure to look sharp.

To Match or Not to Match?

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not you should match your date. Matching your date is a popular choice for prom and we have the accessories you need. Most guys choose a colored vest and tie to match their date’s attire. We have dozens of color options to choose from so we’re sure to have what you’re looking for! If you choose not to match your date, you can still compliment your date’s attire with your own. For instance, if she’s wearing a light blue dress, a navy tie with your suit, or a navy tuxedo jacket would be a nice compliment to your date.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of prom and make some big fashion mistakes. Instead, we hope you’ll use this opportunity to take charge of your own outfit and stand out for all the right reasons. Whatever you choose to wear, remember to have fun!