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Spring into Style: Tuxedo Style of March Weddings

As winter gives way to the warmth of spring and flowers begin to bloom, March emerges as a perfect time for weddings. Here at Tuxedo Wearhouse we embrace this season of rejuvenation with our collection of tuxedos tailored for spring weddings that blend comfort with style.

Exploring the Colors of Spring

Spring weddings offer a range of colors compared to wedding themes. While the classic charm of a tuxedo never loses its appeal, spring invites us to delve into softer shades. Imagine wearing a tuxedo in a calming blue such as our Cornflower Allure Tuxedo, which nicely reflects the season’s gentleness. You can also consider our light gray tuxedos such as our Heather Allure Tuxedo and our Brooklyn Ike Tuxedo

These selections fit perfectly with the time of year and also create stunning photographs amidst natural spring backdrops.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Tuxedo Wearhouse offers a range of fabric options tailored to match the spirit and conditions of the season:

  •  Wool: Known for its timeless elegance wool tuxedos are favored for their breathability and luxurious feel. The versatility of wool makes it an excellent choice for coping with the March temperatures keeping you cozy on an evening reception or cool during a sunny ceremony.
  •  Polyester: With its look and durability polyester tuxedos are a great option, especially for outdoor or destination weddings. Resistant to wrinkles and shrinking these tuxedos will maintain their appearance from the snapshot to the final dance.
  •  Polyester & Rayon: Blending polyester and rayon combines comfort with a smooth drape that resembles silks finer qualities while remaining practical for a busy day full of events.
  •  Wool and Silk Blend: Designed for those who crave luxury and comfort our wool and silk blend tuxedos embody sophistication. This blend enhances silk’s softness and luster with wool’s warmth and resilience making it a great choice for wedding affairs.

Adding Personal Flair

Your personal style and comfort should be central when selecting your wedding outfit. It should mirror your personality and should blend seamlessly with the ambiance of your day. At Tuxedo Wearhouse,  we are committed to assisting you through this process whether you’re planning a black tie affair or a relaxed outdoor gathering, we can assist you in finding a tuxedo that not only fits comfortably but also makes you look your best.

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Come by one of our stores in the Bay Area today to see for yourself how dedicated we are to helping you discover the tuxedo for your March wedding. Our team of formalwear experts will ensure that you leave feeling self assured and prepared to enjoy your day with style.

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