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Tuxedo Wearhouse’s Student Giveback Program

At Tuxedo Wearhouse we believe in marking moments while also giving back to our community. Our Student Giveback Program showcases this dedication by not just offering free tuxedos for prom night, but by also creating opportunities for schools to flourish alongside their students.

Prom Rep

We take pride in assisting the young adults in our community by providing them with the chance to rent a tuxedo for prom at no cost. This not only ensures a fashionable prom experience but also eases the financial strain often linked with such occasions.

The way this works is by giving the chance for students to become Prom Reps, a referral program. Prom Reps promote our services to their fellow students. With each referral, students can secure discounts for their friends while potentially earning themselves a free rental. This promotes unity and success and encourages the act of giving back.

Supporting Education

Beyond dressing up students, we invest in their future. A percentage of our proceeds from student events are channeled back into their schools. By selecting Tuxedo Wearhouse for your prom attire needs, you’re contributing to a cycle of assistance that bolsters initiatives, resources and student engagements.

Join our High School  Donation Program

We extend an invitation to all schools in the Bay Area to collaborate with us on this program. Schools keen on participating in our program can easily get in touch with us. We’ll furnish all the essential information required to kickstart the process.

Celebrate and Empower

For information on becoming a Prom Rep and the perks that come along with it, please visit our Prom Rep Sign Up page. To discover how each rental contributes back to supporting your school take a look at our High School Donation Program page. Let’s work together to make this prom season truly memorable – for you, your friends and your school.

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